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Jedadiah Bernards - Two Poems/Piano VINTER002

5” Lathe cut record limited to 100 handmade copies.
Comes in a small gatefold sleeve.
Digital download code inside.

These pieces came out of an excircise
I started for myself, in the winter of 2010.
I had the opprotunity to record piano music
in a very lovely church, near my hometown.
During these sessions,I was steeping myself
with the poetry of Mary Jo Salter.
Her work inspired me to approach these
new piano pieces as poems of their own.
I started by following the rules of haikus,
and eventually eased into a very lucid process,
being very intimate with the how the piano worked
in the large space around me.

-Jedadiah Bernards


  1. Pale Things
  2. Pahto

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