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Thank You - A Charity Compilation VINTER003

Thank You
A compilation to raise money for children in need

Limited cd release.
Comes in a folded sleeve printed on recycled paper.

When you buy this compilation album,
you will help raise money to children in need.
All the money from this release will go to the charity ‘världens barn’ (children of the world).
All the music where kindley donated by the artists.

Cover photo by Julie Calbert

Release date: 8/7/2012
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  1. Machinefabriek - Sol sketch 2
  2. Julia Kent - Last day in july
  3. Rachel Grimes - Every Morning
  4. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Lumberton
  5. Jasper TX - Smoke
  6. Offthesky and Pleq - Delicate exit
  7. Sylvain Chauveau - Des plumes dans la tête
  8. Monolyth & Cobalt - The north by train (sarahs memories)
  9. Listening Mirror - The wonder of christine
  10. Woodworkings - Autumn piano theme
  11. Library Tapes - En känsla av saknad
  12. Anna Rose Carter - Memor

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